You may Lay-A-Way your purchase here at Heavenly Angels with no finance charge.
A minimum of $50.00 purchase is required to use the layaway service.
There is a 25% down payment of your total purchase and monthly or weekly payments are excepted
after the initial 25% down.
You can layaway up to 90 days….

If you decide to cancel your layaway there is a charge of $15.00 if
your total price is under $200.00; $30.00 if between $200-$300; $40 if between $300-$400;
and 10% if your total purchase is over $400.
No refunds will be made if there is no payment after 30 days.
if we do not receive a payment at least every 30 days,
layaway is then forfeited unless prior arrangements
have been made with us.
Items will be returned to stock if no payment is
made within 30 days of the last payment;
all payments will revert to Heavenly Angels at that time.
If you would like to make Layaway Arrangements or If you have any Questions ?
Please Contact Us at: 702-218-6456